From Pistol_purview

Colt 38 super comp gun built by Mac Scott. Scott was best known for the custom .380 Mustangs he made with his business partner Doug McDougall (Scott, McDougall & Associates). This gun was Scott’s personal competition gun, and when I bought it from his estate, it was literally rode hard and put away wet. I micro-welded a frame crack, polished off some surface rust, and re-blued her, and now she’s a bad mother fucker again. It ran like a scalded dog last month and pews with virtually zero recoil. Ebony grips by Wood Caliber. Scott was also a cop and in 1977 he famously shot an assailant at 173 yards with a S&W model 66. It’s an interesting read —Google “the Mac Scott incident.”


    1. John M. says:

      I turned up the same thing via DuckDuckGo, and it was a very worthwhile quick read.


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