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    The 2′ Ultra Varmint scope is similar to a target scope except that a considerably larger ocular is used and the overall-length is somewhat shorter. External adjustments, either target or dehorned mounts, are used since they offer the highest possible accuracy of adjustment. The 2″ objective aperture enables relatively high magnifications with luminosity equivalent to that of hunting telescopes.
The Ultra Varmint can be supplied either with the plain or graduated head. The graduated head model is recommended if scope will be used on the rifle range as well as for field work since parallax adjustments can be conveniently made. However, if being used entirely for field use, the plain type is recommended since generally the scope is set parallax free at some nominal range such as 150 yards and any remaining parallax at longer or shorter distances is of negligible amount.
The plain type can be focused to any specific range from infinity to 50 ft., but setting must be set by trial and testing for parallax. An additional advantage of the plain type is that it is lighter in weight. 
Standard Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click target or dehorned mounts, recoil spring, standard tube clamp, screw dust caps, choice of any listed power and standard reticle.
Extra Equipment-Posa-Mounts, Magnum tube clamp, Lee dots, Ranger reticle. No interchange- able eyepieces supplied for this model.

Scope Models2″ Ultra Varmint Plain Head2″ Ultra Varmint Calibrated Head
Objective Apertures2″2″
Ocular Apertures1 1/4″1 1/4″
Eye Relief2 1/2″2 1/2″
Max Objective Cell Diameter2 1/4″2 1/4″
Max Ocular Cell Diameter1 13/32″1 13/32″
Main Tube1″1″
Overall length24″24″
Weight2 lb 2 oz2 lb 9 oz
Power Available8,10,12,15x8,10,12,15x

    The 1 1/4 ” and I” Target scopes are intermediate size instruments for the shooter who favors lower power, lighter weight or a more compact design. Optically and mechanically they are equal in quality to the larger instruments. The objective assembly is of the focusing type and has an engraved scale which is used in con- junction with the graduated ring.
With the exception of the objective cell, the 11/4 ” scope is identical to the 1 1/2 ” scope and it can be converted to the larger objective size at a future time. This feature is particularly attractive to the shooter who wishes to improve his sighting equipment as he becomes more proficient. Specifications 1 1/4 ” Target I” Target Objective Aperture .  Standard Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click target type mounts, standard clamp ring, screw dust caps, choice of any listed power and standard reticle, recoil spring on 11/4″.
Extra Equipment-Posa-Mounts, Magnum tube clamp, interchangeable eyepieces, Lee dots, recoil spring on 1″.

Scope Model1 1/4″ Target Scope1″ Target Scope
Objective Aperture1 1/4″1″
Ocular Aperture3/4″3/4″
Eye Relief2″2″
Overall Length25″21 3/4″
Max. Objective cell Diameter1 5/8″1 5/16″
Max Ocular Cell Diameter7/8″7/8″
Weight1 lb 9 oz1 lb 5 oz
Main Tube Diameter3/4″3/4″
Powers Available8,10,12,14x6,8,10x

The Vulture series possess the desirable features of a hunting scope with magnifications and adjustments as are required for Varmint hunting. With the large objective, high magnification, excellent luminosity, and unsurpassed resolution are possible. The objective is range calibrated and one turn covers the range from infinity to 50 ft. The Vulture is available with internal adjustments (1/2 minute click) or with a ribbed tube using the conventional external target or dehorned mounts.
Because of its short length, it can be mounted across the action of the rifle and forms a very accurate and compact outfit. Standard Equipment-Internal adjustments-Choice of power and standard reticle (Lee dot or Ranger reticles extra). External adjustments-Choice of power and standard reticle, standard 1/4 min. click target or dehorned mounts, standard tube clamp.
Extra Equipment-Recoil spring, Lee dot or Ranger reticle, Posa-Mount. Magnum tube clamp. No interchangeable eyepieces available for these models. 

Scope Model8×4310×43
Objective Clear Aperture1.700″1.700″
Length15 5/8″16 1/8″
Objective Cell Max. Diameter2″2″
Eyepiece Cell Max. Diameter1.390″1.390″
Eye Relief3 1/4″3 1/4″
Weight16 oz16 oz

   The 2″ and 11/2,” Target scopes, with their large objectives, offer optical systems that can realize high magnifications with excellent luminosity. Each element in the optical system is individually tested for resolution to yield an uncompromising quality in the final image.
The metallic parts are precisely hand fitted and all external parts are polished and given a deep blue-black finish. Focusing for ranges under 200 yards is accomplished by axially shifting the non-rotating objective lens. The range Calibrated scale, working in conjunction with a IO division ring simplifies precise and accurately repetitive focusing. 
Standard Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click target type mounts, recoil spring, standard clamp ring, screw dust caps, choice of any listed power and standard reticule.
Extra Equipment-Posa-Mounts, Magnum tube clamp, Lee dots, interchangeable eyepieces.  Powers. Available ……………………… 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24*, 30*, 36* (*2″ only)

Scope Model2″ Target Scope1 1/2″ Target Scope
Objective Aperture2″1 1/2″
Ocular Aperture1″3/4″
Eye Relief2 1/4″2 1/4″
Overall Length26 1/4″25 1/2″
Max. Objective cell Diameter2 1/4″1 13/16″
Max Ocular cell Diameter1 1/8″7/8″
Main Tube Diameter1″3/4″     
Weight2 LB 12 OZ1 LB 15 OZ

Programer-200 The “Programmer-200” with “Posa-Mounts” represents the present day ultimate in rifle telescopes. It should result in significant improvement in convenience and precision, factors which will appeal to the serious target or bench rest shooter.
This new model offers to the rifleman new convenience in focusing of a rifle telescope and, with the Posa-Mount target mounts, increased accuracy with a substantially improved base holding system. Generally, the focusing of the telescope is accomplished by the axial displacement of the objective lens in a mechanical system using fine pitch threads by positioning a graduated ring relative to a fixed scale.
Ten to fifteen turns may be required to cover the range from infinity to 50 ft. Geo- metrical optics relationships result in a non-linear scale, meaning that a larger displacement is required when going from 75 ft. to 50 ft. as compared to going from infinity to 100 yards.

“Programer-200” makes range changes from 200 yards to 50 ft. in less than one-half turn of the range graduated ring, on a linear calibration, and with a compensator ring so that any secondary correction can be made with the identical precision of the conventional system.
Also, the user can set the scope parallax free for any intermediate range which falls between any two programmed ranges. The heart of “Programer-200” is a precisely generated cam, linearly spaced with dwell positions provided for at 200, 100, 50 and 25 yards. and 50 ft.
A secondary graduated ring, using the normal fine pitch thread system, provides for zero compensation at each programmed range and also permits parallax free setting at any intermediate ranges. Each range setting has a 15′ cam dwell (zero lead cam position) and it it therefore not necessary to precisely position the program ring relative to the reference line.
The optical system incorporates the latest improvement in the state of the art of optical instrumentation. All air to glass surfaces of the optical system use the new higher efficiency low reflectance coating which reduces reflection losses by to about one-half of the conventional low reflection coatings.
This would result in a theoretical net transmission increase of 10%. All achromatic lenses are cemented with the newest developed extended temperature range baked cements. Improvements in the mechanical design coupled with the increased size ocular give a large field of view.

Powers available–8,10,12,14,16,18,20,24,32,and 36

Standard Equipment–“posa-mounts”  (.25 minute clicks) Bases, Magnum Tube Clamp, Recoil Spring, Screw Dust Caps.

Objective Aperture———————-2″
Eyepiece cell diameter————–1-1/4″
Ocular Aperture——————–1-1/8″
Objective cell Diameter————-2-9/32″
Tube diameter———————–1″

        The 11/4″ Varmint scope is equal in optical quality and precision to the 2″ Ultra. series and differ only in that it is smaller in objective aperture and physical size. It is particularly recommended for use on the lighter sporting rifles and will fully realize the accuracy of such arms.
The objective head is range graduated which makes it ideal for a range as well as field scope.  Standard Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click dehorned mounts, recoil spring, standard tube clamp, screw dust caps, choice of listed power and standard reticule.
Extra Equipment-Standard 1/4 min. click target mounts, Posa-Mounts, Magnum tube clamp, Lee dots, Ranger reticule. No interchangeable eyepieces supplied for this model.     

The Small Game scope is recommended for short and intermediate range shooting of small game and’pests and will withstand the recoil of any rifle. Focusing is accomplished by shifting position of the erector cell. It is supplied in 3, 4 or 6X, measures I 9″ overall length and weighs 16 oz.Objective and ocular are 3/4″ aperture.
Standard equipment is 1/4 min. click target mounts, screw dust caps, standard clamp ring, choice of power and standard reticule.
Recoil spring, Posa-Mounts, Mag num tube clamp and interchangeable eyepieces are extra equipment.

Objective Aperture1 1/4″
Ocular Aperture1 1/8″
Eye Relief2 1/2″
Overall Length20″
Max Objective Cell Diameter1 1/2″
Max Ocular Cell Diameter1 1/4″
Main Tube Diameter7/8″
Weight1 lb 10 oz

Prismatic Spotting Scopes We offer three models of spotting scopes to fulfill the most critical spotting and observation requirements. Optically, all are of the prismatic erecting form with a hand corrected achromatic objective and an orthoscopic ocular system. Every element is individually tested prior to assembly to assure resolution of the highest quality. The objective cell is provided with a sunshade which can be extended when required and the eyepiece is screw focusing with a fast over-running push-pull travel.
Dust 0 caps for each end are included. The majority of the instrument is fabricated from aluminum alloy and it is finished with a pleasing, light gray, wrinkle finish. The 24X63 model is suggested for any range spotting use. We have chosen the 24X magnification as standard, as we have found that in many instances a lower power will not fulfill the requirements.
Accessories available at extra cost are 16X and 32X interchangeable eyepieces. Our 2OX54 was primarily designed for pistol shooters who desired a quality instrument which would fit into the shooting kit. Interchangeable eyepieces of 14X and 26X are available (extra).
The 24X63 Right Angle has found wide acceptance among match shooters since spotting can be done by simply turning the head and not requiring any shifting in position of the body.

Scope Model24×6324×63 Right Angle20×54
Objective Clear Aperture2 1/2″2 1/2″2 1/8″
Overall Length19″19″13 1/2″
Weight2 lb 8 oz2 lb 9 oz2 lb 4 oz

The 100mm Spotting Scope is a large instrument which was designed to meet the requirements of team coaches to enable critical spotting of long range big bore matches. The coated prismatic optical systems, with a 100mrn aperture objective and four element ortho-scopic oculars is critically tested and hand corrected so that the final system will yield matchless resolution. The objective cell has a sunshade which can be extended about 5″ when required and the eyepiece is screw focusing with a fast over-running push-pull travel. Dust covers are provided for each end. Workmanship is of the highest quality and the majority of the instrument is made from aluminum alloy and finished in a light gray wrinkle.
The yoke mounting enables easy insertions and removal of the telescope from the yoke and tri- pod. By tensioning the binding screws the scope can be fixed by locked in position or so set to per- mit scanning of a series of targets. The lower portion of the yoke fits the cylindrical column of a floating action metal tripod.
Within the tripod ram is a helical spring which counter-balances the scope and it can be raised or lowered with ease. A wooden carrying case of substantial construction houses the telescope, yoke, tripod and extra interchangeable eyepieces. Standard oculars are I 6X, 24X and 32X.

MagnificationField (ft)LuminosityEye ReliefWeight
24x10’6″17.381 3/4″13lb
32X7’5″9.791 1/2″13lb
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes811.339
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes101025
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes12817.5
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes146.912.7
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes1669.8
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes185.67.7
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes2056.3
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes244.84.3
Programer-200 and 2″ Target Scopes303.12.8
Programer-200 and 2″  (Special Eyepiece)364.01.9
1 1/2″ Target Scope811.522.6
1 1/2″ Target Scope10914.4
1 1/2″ Target Scope128.110
1 1/2″ Target Scope1477.5
1 1/2″ Target Scope1665.6
1 1/2″ Target Scope185.34.4
1 1/2″ Target Scope2043.6
1 1/2″ Target Scope243.22.5

Optical Properties of The 1 1/4″ Target Scope Below———–Optical Properties of The 1 1/4″ Target Scope Below

1 1/4″ Target Scope81215.2
1 1/4″ Target Scope10109.6
1 1/4″ Target Scope1286.8
1 1/4″ Target Scope1465.1

Optical Properties of The 1″ Target Scope Below———–Optical Properties of The 1″ Target Scope Below

1″ Target Scope61617.6
1″ Target Scope812.59.6
1″ Target Scope10106.3

Optical Properties of The 2″ Ultra Varmint Scope Below———–Optical Properties of The 2″ Ultra Varmint Scope Below

2″ Ultra Varmint812.639.7
2″ Ultra Varmint101126
2″ Ultra Varmint121017.6
2″ Ultra Varmint15711

Optical Properties of The 1.25″ Varmint Scope Below———–Optical Properties of The 1.25″ Varmint Scope Below

1.25″ Varmint614.128
1.25″ Varmint810.715.2
1.25″ Varmint108.49.6
1.25″ Varmint1277.1

Optical Properties of The Small Game Scope Below———–Optical Properties of The Small Game Scope Below

Small Game42519.4
Small Game6178.4

Optical Properties of The Falcon–hawk–Condor–Vulture Below———–Optical Properties of The Falcon–Hawk–Condor–Vulture  Below


Optical Properties of The Spotting Scopes Below———–Optical Properties of The Spotting Scopes  Below



  1. Bill Glynn says:

    I have had a Unertyl 24×63 spotting scope since the early 80s and love it! Can you tell me (in mm.) what its focal length is?


    1. Shawn says:

      Sorry , Billy I dont have much info on the spotting scopes


      1. Bill Glynn says:

        Understood, thanks!


  2. tim ferrell says:

    I have a Unertl 43982 1 1/2″ target scope. The crosshairs in the reticle have come undone. Can this be repaired or replaced? Thanks.


    1. Shawn says:

      Tim, you can, and its not hard at all. it will cost you less than 20 bucks from ebay and watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OP0kcEWZf5M


      1. tim ferrell says:

        Thank you!


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