Colt 1911 by Jim Milks, but this one kind of took a virtual village to build. Here’s how she came together. First, with the help of 1911 Addicts (my favorite internet forum) I found this unmolested large letter Colt 70 series, and after buying it, my buddy @captainbigshot transfer it to me. Next I sent the slide to Dave Clevinger @clevinger_customs who enhanced the roll marks. With that done, I begged my friend @kgb_customs for a real Bomar sight, and reluctantly, he sold me one. I assembled a slew of other parts, put it all in a box, and addressed it to Jim Garthwaite. I was going to send it to him on a Monday. Tragically he died on a Sunday. After proper mourning, my buddy @custom_handguns suggested I send it all to Jim Milks at Innovative Customs…formerly the head smith at EGW. Jim made this masterpiece using John Harrison, Ed Brown, Fred Kart, and Stan Chen parts, and I would venture to say this is one of the finest 1911s I have ever held. Terry Wolford out of Ocala Florida hard chromed the lower and the slide got DLC from Ionbond. To finish it off, grips from the one and only, Mr. Craig Spegel. A village.


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