I get asked not infrequently what is my favorite 1911. That’s a tough question to answer. Scratch that, it’s an impossible question to answer. Some 1911s are rare and cloaked in soul, but executed poorly by today’s standards (Swenson). Some 1911s are engineered to burn, with a premium on accuracy, but they are purpose built and largely unrefined (Clarks). Some 1911s are exceptionally made but their smiths are world class assholes (names withheld but you won’t see their guns on my page). So what makes a custom 1911 great? Is it beauty? Is it function? Feel? Soul? It’s all that. This gun is one of the nicest 1911s that I own. It’s made by the venerable Ted Yost. Why is it so good? Look at it. Every line laser straight. Every sharp corner radiused. Most parts including rear sight cut from bar stock. Is that a Heinie sight? No I made it. Where did that gold line front sight come from? Proprietary—made it. How did you get that trigger guard square. I swaged it like an 18th century blacksmith. Who does your checkering, Pete Single? No I slice that shit up myself, see the arthritis. Who makes your grips? You’re looking at him. Ok sometimes an elephant. It’s all there —Bar stock extractor, bank vault fit Kart, serrated rear at 50 LPI, French borders, bar stock beaver tail, master grade blue, matte rounds with hand polished flats, flattened slide, ball cuts, etc etc. Hell he hard chromed the magazine base plates…because the devil is in the details. For me this is simply the best 1911 a man can own.

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