We are now ready for the second step- correct positions.

You won’t hit the bull’s-eye every time unless you are steady. Three things control your steadiness.

The Gun Sling
Your Breathing
Your Position

The gun sling supports your arm and rifle. lt binds the rifle to your arm in a single, tight, steady unit.

There are two ways to adjust your gun sling- the Loop and the Hasty.

The Loop takes longer to fix, but it is steadier. It is used in all positions except the standing position. This is how to adjust it:

  • Place butt of rifle right thigh, barre! to right and muzzle point­. rng up.
  • Rest rifle against inside of right forearm so that both hands are free to fix sling, and loosen lower loop, as shown here.
  • Fasten it again near the butt swivel leaving yourself plenty of sling.
  • Adjust the upper hook until the loop has the proper length.
  • hen insert left arm through the upper loop, from right to left.

Another simple way is to twist the sling one quarter turn to the left, then insert the left arm into the loop between the D-ring and the lower keeper until the loop is around the upper arm.

How to tighten the loop

These pictures show how to tighten the loop into position on the arm.

  • Pull on both parts of sling-jockeying them until the loop and keeper are close against the arm.
  • Pull the D-ring forward and push the lower keeper and hook close against the arm to keep the loop in place.
  • If necessary, push the outer part of the sling away from you wit the thumb- tightening the sling still more.
  • Push the upper keeper down toward the hook.

A tight sling means a steady rifle

When the loop sling is properly adjusted on the upper arm, place the left hand, knuckles out, so that the sling passes around the side of the left wrist near the wrist bone. If properly adjusted, the sling is flat against the wrist.

Then, before you take your position, place the left hand so that the rifle lies in the center of the V formed by the thumb and the fingers of the left hand, with the hand forward against the upper sling swivel.

Note that some leeway is permitted in the position of the loop on the arm. The Manual prescribes that the loop should come above the bicep. But expericnce at The Infantry School shows that many men get better results with a lower sling. lt is important that “light” be visible between the sling and the forearm.

Be sure the sling is doing its share of the work in giving your rifle full support. A tight sling means a steady rifle.

We will discuss the hasty sling later- when we are ready for the standing position.


To download the entire manual, click here

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  1. Rocketguy says:

    I need to sit down and relearn this. When I was shooting small bore, setting up the sling was automatic. Tried to do it with my Garand the other day and drew a blank…it has been 25+ years…


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