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In my opinion, new production versions of classic cars are just about the coolest thing on four wheels. Classic looks with modern technology are a powerful combination. Cars like the Morgan +6, the Caterham R500, and the Singer 911 (I’d also include the Weismann GT to a lesser degree). All of them have the classic looks, but are capable of keeping up with thoroughly modern cars. This brings us neatly to the Girsan MCP-35 Match Ops (hereafter referred to as the “Girsan” or “Match Ops” because that name is too long to type every time).

The Match Ops is a modern clone of the venerable Browning Hi Power (of which I am an unashamed fanboy as evidenced here and here). Girsan has been producing Hi Power clones for some time, but at SHOT show 2022, they revealed their “Match” “Ops” and “Match Ops” models. These were Hi Powers with features previously only available from custom shops. Rails, extended beavertails, optics mounts, or all three together depending on the model. I was very excited about this at the time, more so even than FN’s launch of their new Hi Power look alike.

The MCP-35

The MCP-35 I acquired is the “Match Ops” meaning it has both the extended beavertail and accessory rail. It does not have an optics mount ……. Yet. The beavertail is a phenomenal addition since I have photos of my Mk III Hi Power Actually drawing blood after high round counts.

The rail is also very well implemented, it puts me in mind of railed 1911s (probably not a coincidence). There are a few other “quality of life” improvements as well.

The magazine release is extended by about .1” which doesn’t sound like much, but the difference is noticeable.

There is also a quite high undercut at the trigger guard, and the actual distance from front strap to back strap is almost a full quarter of an inch shorter than the original Hi Power. The included grips are very pretty, they put me in mind of Wilson Combat grips (which I’m sure is intentional), but not very functional. They’re a little too slick for my tastes and will be replaced by my psychopath-level grip tape, as soon as new grips for the original Hi Power arrive.

The magazine well opening is nicely beveled, although this does make it incompatible with the Mec Gar +1 basepads.

The Match Ops also comes with a flat faced trigger which is very nice, and the trigger pull is very short if a touch heavy for a single action.

The included sights are my favorite set up for irons, consisting of a flat black adjustable rear and fiber optic front sight.

The Testing

Like my original Hi Power project, I will be conducting a 1000 round test on the Match Ops. In addition to general range time, and hopefully a few matches, there will be three prescribed tests: 100 rounds rapid fire, the 10-8 performance function test, and my own patented “WalMart Test” (which I may have to rename since WalMart doesn’t sell handgun ammo anymore). Scoring throughout the 1000 rounds will be the same (again, shamelessly stolen from Caleb Giddings old 1911 tests). Any failure to complete the cycle of operations will be -1 point, failure to pass the 10-8 Performance function test will be -15 point, and any parts breakage will be -50 point and an automatic failure.


While this second “Ultimate Hi-Power” project won’t be quite as involved as the last, I am just as if not more excited about it. Hopefully, the Match Ops performs well enough to become a defensive/carry gun and I can retire my Mk. III into being a strictly IDPA gun and/or safe queen. I will be posting videos of the testing as I go along, and a final wrap up here so stick around.



  1. I hope the Girsan gun is better than the Springfield SA-35, which I was pleasantly disappointed in.


  2. Wild, wild west says:

    Very interesting, thanks for putting this up here.


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