De Simone scope with variable power. These were produced in California the ’60 or ’70s, and were of the highest quality. On the left side there is a movable slide that could change the power. It had quite a range too.

I’ve only seen 1 on ebay, and it went for a couple of grand.

That’s about all I know about the De Simone’s.


  1. Will Simpson says:

    These are also known as “El Monte” scopes. I searched for several years before I finally found mine. There’s very little info out there about them, but I do have a copy of the company advertising sheet for them. I’ve read that only a few dozen were built, and I found a post in a forum one time where a guy said he ordered a few for a shooting team he ran back at the time, and they were the best scopes he’d ever used.


  2. Will Simpson says:

    I just made the previous post, my first on the site. If I could, I’d like to edit it – please delete everything past “only a few dozen were built”. The last sentence isn’t of much value. And, please delete this as well. Thanks!!


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