Mr. Waugh passed away yesterday according to Special Forces Taps. What can be said about such a man? There is nothing he didn’t do right up till the end.

Today I knew was coming. A legend passed this day in April 2023. First I personally met this legendary solider during my service at MACSOG CCN. I had the honor to have served with numerous brave men over my career and those deserve our countries highest respect. I cannot let this individual blend into those who I served with. I need to say SGM Billy Waugh to give an example our country was founded by special men who sacrificed everything for our country and their sacrifice resulted in the greatest country our world has ever known along with generations of soldiers and other service members who gave everything to further our continued freedom. Some stood above those men over our history. Some even stood above the best our country ever had served. I say SGM Billy Waugh legendary service deserves to be acknowledged as equal and even surpass our history of great men and women who ever served our great nation. I thank God to have personally met this Solider. Rest in peace you will never be forgotten.-Ken Bird

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