From Pistol_purview

Colt 70 series Colt in .45 ACP by Sean McSheehy, formerly out of Cylinder and Slide. Years ago I decided I wanted a 1911 from Bill Laughridge before he (or I) died. I called him, we discussed it, and I sent a gun. Years went by and no word, so I figured his arthritis got the best of him, and in my mind I let it go. “Give it to god” as my Catholic wife says. Well one of the smiths at C&S who I have known for years (because I have bought several custom grips from his side hustle Sean’s Ugly Grips) messaged me and said I think your gun is on my pile. I told him I figured it was going to be farmed out due to Bill’s age—I’m just glad it’s with you. Some months later C&S announced they were closing their doors after 40 years. So this would be a swan song— perhaps one of the last 1911s to ever come out of C&S’s storied shop. I told Sean make me proud and wack the ivory grip order—I’d rather have YOUR custom grips on YOUR gun. Well this thing arrived last month and it is without a doubt one of the nicest builds in my safe. It’s all there—flawless Bomar mount, surgically fit Kart barrel, French borders, checkering fore and aft, checkered trigger guard, domed mag catch, lined rear, internals polished and deburred, carry bevels beautifully executed, serrated top, counter sunk frame for checkered slide stop (my favorite detail), slide to frame tightened, gold bead, perfect 3.5 pound trigger—I could go on and on, but suffice it say this is a serious gun made by a serious gunsmith. I don’t begrudge Bill for not building it—we all get old and Father Time is undefeated. It was unfair of me to ask. This gun had no right to cost what it did. To me this is better than the vast majority of what is being made now at 50% the cost. Gunsmiths reputations get made overnight on the internet, and all too frequently their uninformed fan boys drive up their undeserved praise and price point. This gun is the opposite—made by an unassuming master, who has been in the shadows for years. If he buys a Bridgeport, and starts taking orders this year, call this Branch Davidian cult leader looking mother fucker. I kid I kid—thank you @seans_ugly_grips_ you honestly gave me things I didn’t pay for 🙏


  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Look at those grips. The rest of the gun is just as tasty.


    1. John M. says:

      I’d hang it over the sink and use the polish on it to shave. It’s a beautiful piece.


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