GRINNELL, Iowa (April 11, 2023) – Brownells unveiled the latest addition to its popular BRN-4 line, with the BRN-4 Billet Stripped Upper going live on

Machined from a billet of aluminum, the stripped upper helps customers build a piston-driven upper compatible with an  HK®-416 style firearm using a factory-new part instead of hard-to-find surplus or used part.

The BRN-4 stripped upper is listed as SKU 430104365 and retails for $199.99. It will fit onto any standard AR-15 lower. 

To complete a BRN-4 upper, customers will also need a BRN-4 Upper Recevier Bushing, which retails for $9.99.

The BRN-4 stripped upper joins other BRN-4 parts such as barrels, gas blocks and piston rod assemblies expanding the options available for those looking to build or refurbish a piston-driven upper compatible with the HK®-416.

To see all the BRN-4 parts, visit


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