Yes, it is that time of year again. I don’t care about what the useless NRA does or says. We know its a cucked joke.

That said, the gun industry introduces a lot of stuff during the meeting. That means press releases. I apologize in advance for the glut of press releases. I will try to curate it to only show you the only stuff you might care about or the most absurd stuff for a laugh. Anyway.. expect mostly PR the next few days. This is ostensibly a gun website after all…


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  1. John M. says:

    The NRA is imploding and we will all be sorry when it finally does. They suck, but not having them will suck more. That bipartisan (that is, both stupid and evil) gun control law they snuck through last year (thank you John Cornyn you dirty weasel) is likely just the start.

    We may wind up with a better organization to replace it, but it’s gonna be painful.

    I always check Jeff Knox’s recommendations on whom to vote for in the NRA BoD vote, and his opinion is that the NY AG stuff combined with declining membership revenues will lead to a genuine bankruptcy for the NRA pretty soon.

    I was hoping that the bankruptcy judge for their phony baloney bankruptcy would have been friendly to the org and said, “OK, if you say you are bankrupt then I’m going to put the org into receivership and give it to a retired judge or governor to be in charge.” Too bad.


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