Not a review, but thought this was worth sharing. My good friend Jason, who owns Vintage gun leather today, recently bought one of the much admired and sought Randall knives.

7″ blade of 1/4″ stainless steel stock. The top of the blade is notched for thumb placement. The top cutting edge is sharpened. Brass single hilt. Approximately 4 1/2″ durable Black or Green Micarta finger grip handle (please specify). Extra-heavy 7/8″ wide tang extends through a channel in the handle, which is firmly fastened with epoxy. Wrist thong through brass ferrule in the handle.

This knife was designed to meet the demand for an almost indestructible all-purpose knife. Designed especially for heavy-duty saltwater use. A special wax impregnated belt loop sheath or black nylon sheath supplied (please specify). Both sheaths (upcharge) are also available on this Model.


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