Elwood P Suggins shows people in the Unertl collectors group how to replace your crosshairs. He later said he uses dental floss. Not my choice, I prefer the tungsten wire.

Just finished sprucing up a Unertl 4X Small Game Scope for a friend. Installed a new 0.0006″ reticle, greased the turrets and repainted the graduations and markings. There were no vestiges of the original reticle to be found and the screws were loose. Suspect somebody tried to replace the reticle and gave up.

Scope came in a homemade oak box was was nicely made. No box joints, but otherwise, nice. It is made from oak and as you can see in one of photos, it’s a little on the thick side. Maker should have resawn or planed down that oak before making the box. When you pick it up for the first time, you think it’s full of lead. But, the scope will certainly be safe in that box

I use a single fiber from unwaxed dental floss. It is stronger than any wire you can buy. Here is a photo of a reticle I made to show guys at the club how they look outside the scope. That’s a .38 wadcutter resting on the reticle.


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