From pistol_purview

This Colt, built by Rob D’Andrea (Benchmark Precision) is an exciting 1911 for me to add to my safe. Collecting 1911s is like chess. Bishop takes pawn and Colt always replaces Springfield. This is a rare rare bird because Rob predominantly builds on Springfields, and never Colts. For years I have asked him for a Colt, and for years he has respectfully declined. He has done a lot of a la carte gunsmithing work for me, so I like to think we have become friends. Last month he called me and said “you know anybody who wants a full house Colt that I built?” Overjoyed, I said “send it” without ever having seen it. I didn’t need to—the guy does FLAWLESS work. Never heard of him? It’s because he builds guns all day and couldn’t care less about internet notoriety. He is the virtual definition of humble and his talent runs ocean deep. He is in my opinion is one of the best 1911 pistol-smiths in the country, which of course means the world. Desert ironwood grips by Wood Caliber set this pony on fire.


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