Been a long time since we did one of these. Time to bring back the fan favorite “hate mail” post.

This one from some worthy who found his panties extremely twisted from my comments about Karl at InrangeTV.

Let’s ignore the fact that I live in a Republic and not a “democracy”. He is referring to my belief that insane abominations shouldn’t be able to vote. I am a little insulted because he didn’t list my other beliefs, like leftists, liberals, commies and the self mutilating mentally ill, shouldn’t be able to vote or own guns or have freedom of speech. I’m not much on supporting any of the rights of people who want me dead these days to be honest. I’d even go further but I’ll let you all figure it out from context.


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  1. John M. says:

    Being anti-democracy is an ancient tradition in America. Nobody hated democracy more than the Founders. Well, some of them, anyway. It was a great mercy that they sent Jefferson to France when they wrote the Constitution.


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