Watching Karl at InrangeTv lose his mind in real time is glorious. The work below is from “Floridacop” who has been posting it over on ARFCOM in the ongoing thread. Long time readers know I am no fan of Ian, but he is coming out like the good guy here. He has his own issues he is much better at hiding, unlike Karl though.

Karl is just suiciding his brand with his behavior.

The reply tweets are showing displeasure is growing:

Some of the dope on Ian’s status, the prizes from Inranges reddit:

Like Karl’s comment “in collaboration with people who are actual allies”.  Karl talks more and more with phrases that really make him sound like a far left anarchist socialist activist.

Just another example of Karl catering to the leftists, anarchists, socialists, marxists and maybe even communists in his social media:

“As good as you are about being a speak for the cause of the proletariat” and Karl replies right back at them.  

High Desert Brutality is out I do think it is interesting that some of his audience is asking about the venue being in a transphobic state?

See Karl could find an alternate state that could host the event, or decide not to put it on at all as a sign of support and “being a good ally” to the LGBTQ community, but see that is going to cut into his pocket.  How many Brutality events have there been in the last year?  Are they getting more frequent?  Is this really about Karl talking one way while shoving money in his and a few others pockets?  

Karl “Speak the cause of the Proletariat”?

Karl appears to be the fucking Bourgeoisie, making money off the working class and marginalized people by exploiting their alliance and sympathy with a lot of talk but ultimately taking that fucking money.  Patreon, Utreaon, donated weapons and gear.  $200 to $500 entry fee matches springing up everywhere for the working class and marginalized people.  Inrange is becoming the Dollar General of business expansion in the guntube world.


  1. COtt says:

    I’ve been following that thread for awhile and it is Glorious.


    1. Shawn says:

      its so fun to watch that idiot


  2. John M. says:

    I thought of this situation when I read my boys the fable of the crab and the snake last night.

    Be careful whom you choose for friends: the crab doesn’t always get the snake in the end.


  3. BAP45 says:

    With his recent video of him at satan con or whatever it was called (really don’t care) the part to me that makes it just that much more cringy and cheesy is their fervor at burning a bible but god forbid they touch something else like a koran. At least have the balls to go after all of them.


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