Authored by Bruce Wilds via Advancing Time,

Younguns is a folksy term used mainly by people with a few years under their belt to refer to those far younger. Sometimes this term focuses on those under thirty. These people often don’t realize those injuries they see as badges of honor will far too soon turn to aches and pain. Today I find myself at low-ebb, it may be a combination of too much work and a recent birthday taking its toll.

Adding to this is the reality that we live in a world that has made a mockery of hard work and savings, this is a major disservice to those carrying the load. Many people fail to take into account that the socialist agenda of the far left is in many ways anti-social. As we look around it is easy to see that much of the workforce has gone full “John Galt” and decided not to participate in the job market. Much of this is driven by the notion that hard work does not pay big dividends and we might as well dump our problems off onto those stupid enough to accept them. 

Society and politicians are rapidly dismantling the rights of ownership. This transfer of rights constitutes a transfer of wealth whether we wish to call it by that name or not. This is the main reason so many of the most capable contributors to our economy are now moving toward the sidelines. Capable and smart people do not have to work hard to make ends meet and are proving this by going out and enjoying life rather than working to support those that won’t. When people decide to remove themselves from a game they see as rigged in favor of those far less deserving it is an indication of greater problems ahead.

Still, make no mistake, the left claiming it is “progressive” has no intention of melting quietly into the night. I fear those both in the middle and on the right that think things will turn around are overly optimistic. Those on the right often point to California as a failed state. They use as an example drug-infested San Fransisco. At the end of 2021, it was estimated that of the city’s roughly 8,124 people that were at the time “unhoused,” a full 73 percent were “unsheltered.”  This means they sleep out of doors, in tents, and under highway overpasses.

Catch-22 Is A Real Thing

What is being cast upon us is breeding a culture that lacks accountability. The legal system is failing. From the smallest to the largest issues we face, it seems few are being resolved in a way most people find uplifting. More often than we would like we are running smack dab into the proverbial catch-22 situations that try our souls. A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules or limitations. The term was coined by Joseph Heller, who used it in his 1961 novel Catch-22.

While much of the country views high taxes, rampant drug use, and crime as the reason many major retailers are closing stores in the state, its Governor is being touted as a candidate for the Presidency in 2024. The bad news is that if you think it can’t get any worse, you are wrong. Sadly, society has turned onto a fast path to ruin downward. A slew of lightweight JV thinkers have taken us down the rabbit hole when it comes to creating a better future.

We Need A Hero, But None Is In Sight

It could be argued that those on the far left have been joined by, or are being egged on and encouraged by those wishing to weaken the United States from the inside. Russia and China are generally painted as the villains in such a scenario. The real problem we face is that true leadership tends not to exist in a vacuum. The fact is that we need a hero and they are in short supply. It has been said, the “pioneers took all the arrows,” meaning it is much safer to travel west today. It also means people of real value will most likely be destroyed if they attempt to move to the front.

A feeling of hopelessness recently descended upon me when I became a victim of vandalism. How do you protect what can not be protected? The catch-22 here is that you have a very difficult time insuring an empty building but how do you rent it when it is constantly being ripped apart by vandals? While not the economic disaster that will end me, such events are “mentally” troubling. It is also why so many people shy away from owning hard assets, this applies to gold, real estate, and more. Readers of AdvancingTime know not owning “real things” is an investment strategy I consider problematic. 

The efforts of those in power to paint vandalism of private property as mischief is the reason so many Americans when given the chance, op to live in gated communities. In truth, we cannot “gate off” everything. This reflects society’s inability to make people behave. The failure of people to take responsibility for their actions signals greater problems ahead.

It does not help that we are facing a toxic mix when it comes to protecting our freedom. Big companies are predatory and big governments are stupid. The thing they have in common is they both want more control and power. In truth, we are the underdog in this ongoing struggle for control of our lives and progressives are promoting policies that empower those that want to control us.Throw in the likelihood of an economic reset or hard landing and you might say, if you think it can’t get any worse, you are wrong. Lowering your expectations may be in order.

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