Floridacop doing more of the Lord’s work over on the giant arfcom thread. If you arent familiar with the group, “Abetterway2A” they are aligned with Karl and are all over social media, I’d show my personal interactions with them if they hadn’t blocked me on twitter and instagram weeks ago.

So just looking at what Karl puts out there, the subliminal and the not so subtle.

The obvious.  abetterway2a is at Woodland Brutality with Karl and Russell:

“We seek to educate, not condemn”

Let’s look at their merch for just a few “educate, not condemn” products:

Not condemning anyone with that description.

To be fair, this one is not promoting condemning, it’s promoting violent purging.

Here is something else interesting on their page:

Notice that can of soup sticking out of the top of the pouch?

The radical violent left (Antifa) has used soup cans as weapons to throw at police and the right.  It is legal to carry and if caught with it, unlike bricks, there is deniability that it is a weapon.  This goes back to 2020, Trump even mentioned it and the Portland police showed picture of cans that they had thrown at their officers.

It has become a symbol in the activist culture and you can get posters, stickers and even morale patches for it:

Here it is with the “Soup for my family” title:

A poster:

Oh, here is Karl at Handgun Brutality:

Can’t make out what the writing is, but wearing a soup can patch is Just Karl’s way of subtly giving the middle finger I’m sure.

Karl at his recent satan convention.


  1. John M. says:

    The #BLM crew, and Antifa in particular did a masterful job with deniable weapons during the 2020 insurrection. Another couple I noticed along the way were:
    – Skateboards: The second guy Rittenhouse waxed was trying to hit him in the head with a skateboard. It’s perfectly deniable as a weapon right up until the point you wind it up. It’s also deadly force when an Antifa punk aims it at someone’s head and bravo to Rittenhouse’s jury for seeing that.
    – Frozen water bottles: These are even more deniable than soup cans, because once they melt (i.e. after you get them to court or even the evidence room) they are quite squishy and non-lethal.
    – Industrial lasers: Antifa would beam cops in the eyes with high-powered lasers. I don’t know how much long-term damage these did, but they are at least potentially quite dangerous. And very difficult to counteract.

    They were really working hard to try to stay just below the escalation threshold of the cops, such that if the cops responded with lethal force, they’d look like the good guys. “The mean pigs SHOT at us!!!” They really wanted a Kent State moment, in other words.

    The tactics of playing good protestor/bad protestor were also masterful. Putting “nonviolent” protestors (especially women) on the front lines, between the cops and the violent AntiFa crew was genius. Note that all of the weapons listed are range weapons that can be launched over the “nonviolent” protestors at the cops.

    The whole thing was extremely well thought-out and well-executed. Of course we have no idea who organized it and executed it because Antifa is an idea, not an organization (sponsored by the US government).

    If we want to defeat this crew, somebody is going to have to crack some heads.


    1. Rocketguy says:

      That laser stuff really “caught my eye”. I spent some time working on a lab working with lasers and they’re no joke once they pass a fairly low power level. The idea of permanently damaging someone’s eyesight and playing it off as not a big deal pissed me right off.

      Agreed – this doesn’t stop until we’re serious about stopping it.


      1. John M. says:

        Yeah, in a lot of ways that one was the most insidious. Even if it’s not intuitive at first, it’s not that hard to get a jury to understand that braining somebody with a soup can or a frozen water bottle or a skateboard is lethal force.

        But weird industrial lasers causing blindness? Sometimes, but not always? And, well, it’s not blindness per se always, but it is permanent vision damage as shown by …


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