Kalashnikov USA has put out a neat little AK in 9mm. A friend just picked one up and we are waiting on his Brace to come in. I looked it over today and I got to admit, unlike the usual AKs, this one is made pretty well.

It doesn’t have a cheap finish that rubs off by thumbnail and a lot of attention has been paid to details. The top cover has a length of rail for easy mounting of optics.

Removing that pin allows you to swap out the parts to accept a “brace” or a regular stock after you fill out and submit the paper work and tax money to The King.

A nifty little muzzle break/comp that I am 200 percent sure a 9mm doesn’t need.

Everything is pretty much stock AK controls and manual of arms. No surprises there.

The brace and a few other things will be arriving this week. So I will post a couple more parts to this review as it comes together and we shoot it.

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