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I’d like to recommend a couple of videos that cover “CQB” and home security for the civilian. It’s always good to think about tactics.

It takes a lot for me to recommend a YouTube video (these guys should be on Rumble) but last night I watched a couple of vids with Drew Estell of Baer Solutions. The first vid is “3 Ways To Secure Your Home.”

The video is broken down into 4 points, simple things to think about for home defense.  I’ll share them, but after reading you should definitely check out the video.

1) Use the Outside (vs) Inside Lighting of Your Home: If you have inside lights on in your house, people can look inside your home and you are seriously hindered looking out. And visa versa. If you keep your porch light on anyone that comes to that part of your house will be illuminated and if you turn the lights off inside your house they will not be able to see in, for several reasons. Obviously if you invest in dedicated motion sensitive security lighting it would be even better. But the basic lighting is enough to give you the edge.

2) Turn Your Blinds Downward: This is one I had never though about. Obviously your windows should be covered so you control what can be seen inside but if you have Venetian blinds you actually have a little advantage. If you point the blinds downward (from the inside) You can look at the ground immediately outside the window, if they are turned upward it helps using natural sunlight to illuminate your room, but bad-guys can see the ground inside… like is their someone waiting in there? You might be surrendering the element of surprise (knowing is half the battle.)

3) Understand the Vantage Points of Your House: Know what you can see from the various locations in your house. How much can you clear from your front door, from your bedroom door? Know these things as well as how hard it is to move between the vantage points.

4) Have a White Light: A white light (either handheld or weapon mounted) should be part of your kit, and you need to practice using it.

The second video I want to recommend has Drew working with two guys from the “Dirty Civilian” Rumble Channel/Podcast. It’s called “CQB Every Civilian Should Know.” It is made as an honest effort to cut through all the CQB chafe and show the average civilian that wants to protect his home what they need to know.

The Video breaks down deliberate (slow) vs driving force (fast) CQB situations. It demonstrates hallways, doorways and stairs, what you need to know and demonstrates. It is well worth the watch, the channel is worth the subscribe.

Both end with a mantra I firmly believe… get out and practice.


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