Using A Car As Cover

After the results of shooting through a car on the range with a 5.56 a few weeks ago, I decided to test some more with a variety of rounds. We used the same car as the 5.56 test and shot the target from the same angles and through the same amounts of barrier.  Those beingContinue reading “Using A Car As Cover”

M855A1 Accuracy and Velocity

ARFCOM user Molon has posted an major test of the M855A1 service round, which you can read below. M855A1 ammunition is manufactured at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant near Independence, Missouri.  The lot of Lake City M855A1 ammunition that was evaluated for this article was manufactured in January of 2021. There were no malfunctionsContinue reading “M855A1 Accuracy and Velocity”

The 5.56x45mm SS109 Cartridge

This post contains a September 1984 magazine article from SWAT magazine that discusses the SS109 cartridge that was in the process of being adopted at the time and contains seven tables of test data.