5.56MM Duplex

The ammo was intended to be use in one of the project rifles. Obviously it didn’t go anywhere.

Craig Explains Exposives

Shared from a FB friend People have asked me: “Why did you join the Army/” I replied: “To learn a skill.” Here’s a synopsis – I finally began my demolition training 0n 11 December. My mathematics skills came in handy. It was easy to think that one needed only place a stick of dynamite orContinue reading “Craig Explains Exposives”

The 5.56x45mm SS109 Cartridge

This post contains a September 1984 magazine article from SWAT magazine that discusses the SS109 cartridge that was in the process of being adopted at the time and contains seven tables of test data.

The .220 Russian

The 220 Russian isn’t heard of much anymore because it gave birth to something that took the case and turned it into something so good.

Remember these?

While over at Brady’s the other day I was bemoaning my drastically depleted stocks of 16 gauge ammo after last year’s slaughter-rama squirrel season. He gave me this old box of ACTIV he’d reloaded who knows how long ago. ACTIV was a big thing back int he day for a few minutes. I have heardContinue reading “Remember these?”

Using A Car As Cover

After the results of shooting through a car on the range with a 5.56 a few weeks ago, I decided to test some more with a variety of rounds. We used the same car as the 5.56 test and shot the target from the same angles and through the same amounts of barrier.  Those beingContinue reading “Using A Car As Cover”