2022 Halloween Costumes for Gun Owners: Gun Companies

Our pal Sunshine Shooter over at the progunmillinennial website posted this very amusing post for the season. Last time we talked about dressing up as icons of gun culture, but why not dress up as the guns themselves? CZ Super simple: just dress up as a hipster! Small-pattern button up shirt (buttoned all the wayContinue reading “2022 Halloween Costumes for Gun Owners: Gun Companies”

Protected & Served!

NYC’s finest shows why they are the elite of the elite while keeping the citizens safe from the bad guys. An NYPD cruiser plowed into a Bronx corner full of pedestrians while driving on the wrong side of the road during an emergency call Thursday — injuring 10 people, including two children, police said. Nice job.Continue reading “Protected & Served!”

Ghost Stories

In the spirit of Halloween let’s hear your creepy tales. It doesn’t have to be a ghost story can be as simple as that crackhead making some super sketchy comments to you. What ever you got lets hear them! To get you started I’ll give you one of mine. Maybe it was something maybe itContinue reading “Ghost Stories”

True Creepy Story

Since today is October I thought it would be fun to kick the month off with this tail. It comes from a very long running thread on ARFCOM where members have told allegedly true creepy stories of things that have happened to them. Is it true? Who knows in these strange days? Back in theContinue reading “True Creepy Story”