Protected & Served !

A Louisiana cop is facing charges for plowing into an unrelated car during a high-speed chase on New Year’s Eve — leaving two high school cheerleaders dead. Some more nice work by one of the nation’s finest. Officer David Cauthron, 42, of the Addis police force, was charged with two counts of negligent homicide Sunday inContinue reading “Protected & Served !”

Excerpts For The Democrat-To-English Dictionary: Updated For 2023

Authored by Eric Utter via, Ableism: the idea that ability, competence, achievement, and merit are somehow better than their opposites. A disgusting remnant of a White, patriarchal society that must be eviscerated with all due haste. Bigotry: opposition to any belief or opinion held by a “progressive.” Conservatism: an existential threat to our democracy,Continue reading “Excerpts For The Democrat-To-English Dictionary: Updated For 2023”

Merry Christmas

You guys have a good one and I will see you back here with normal posting Tuesday the 27th. Stay out of the cold and Merry Christmas.

Christmas Slowdown

It’s the end of the year and holidays so I’m going to slow down a bit like I usually do. I will still put up something every week day but It won’t be the usual 4-5 post a day until after Christmas. This is hard work believe it or not. Just finding something to postContinue reading “Christmas Slowdown”