Someone at Vista Outdoors must have been huffing Hoppes No. 9 and binge-watching Forgotten Weapons videos.

“Hey, you know what would cool?”

“What, man?”

“Let’s revive the 7.65mm French Longue as a modern high-performance, self-defense cartridge!”

“Woah, Ian would be all over that!”

“Yeah, we can use up use all of the leftover 0.312″ Gold Dots from the .327 Federal Magnum, and boost the chamber pressure to 50,000 PSI.”

“But won’t that risk breaking old French pistols and submachineguns?”

“Nah, we’ll just make the case slightly wider and longer so it doesn’t fit the antiques.”

“Cool, what will we call it? People didn’t care for the .327 Magnum and 7.65mm seems too small.”

“Hmm, how about 8x21mm?”

“Not catchy enough, it needs a hook…something new and interesting.”

“It will be used in carry pistols, so 8mm Carry?”

“Better yet, 8mm Super Carry!”

“I can see the gunwriters justifying it now: ‘Only one silly millimeter smaller than the 9mm Parabellum.'”

“Plus, it will totally increase the magazine capacity.”

“Yeah, everyone wants extra rounds these days. Hmm, let’s see how many more; I’ll make some calculations. Bummer, only one more…even in double stack magazines.”

“Well, we can always convince manufacturers who have still have compact single-stack 9mm pistols in their line-up. Look at the Glock 43. No one will touch it since the higher capacity G43X and G48 came out.”

“Cool! Let’s start filing patents and trademarks now, and we can have this out by SHOT Show.”

While this exchange is solely from my addled brain, the patent application and trademark are real.

US Patent Application #20210223009A1

US Trademark Serial No. 97,055,369 – “Super Carry”



  1. D.E. Watters says:

    It looks like the mass media gunwriters are already starting to prime the pump for the 8mm Super Carry without violating their Non-Disclosure Agreements.

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    1. John M. says:

      This is ridiculous. Do I look like I have too much money or something? The .327 Mag is an instructive case (no pun intended) here. It genuinely is a better mousetrap than either .38 Spl or .357 Mag for personal defense, but it wasn’t better enough to overcome the existing base of customers for either of those chamberings to develop a niche, especially with declining revolver sales.

      I think 8 mm is going to fall right in that same sour spot in the market. 9 mm’s install base is huge, and 9 mm works fine. I even suspect that .380 is going to start benefiting from bullet construction improvements soon, though it might not carry quite enough energy to bring it from “barely enough” to “barely adequate.”

      If I were these guys, I’d be looking at a totally different end of the market: .32 ACP and .25 ACP are both semi-rimmed and kind of sucky for things like double-stack magazines. A modern cartridge down in that end of the spectrum is sorely needed. Maybe a quality center fire equivalent to .22 LR or .22 Mag: Just enough to have a gun, but with better reliability than either of those cartridges.

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    2. Shawn says:

      I really wish I could violate my NDA with colt over something going to come out soon


      1. John M. says:

        Huh. Probably a Double Eagle in 8 mm.


  2. Max chamber pressure of 50K PSI? In a semi-auto handgun?

    OK. You guys get right on that.


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