Back in November, I wrote this snarky little post about what I thought was going to be called the 8mm Super Carry. At least, that was what Vista Outdoors engineers were calling it back then. Well, it looks like management went another direction, and it is now dubbed the .30 Super Carry.

I see that Federal Premium is now showing SKU for 100-grain HST and FMJ. Speer has a 115-gr Gold Dot, and Blazer is offering 115-gr FMJ Blazer Brass. Remington apparently has it in the works as well.

While the patent application shows a Glock, it looks like Smith & Wesson was the first to bite. Dealers and wholesalers are now showing Shield EZ chambered in .30 Super Carry. Reportedly, S&W is also going to chamber it in the Shield Plus. Nighthawk is even going to offer .30 Super Carry variants of their custom M1911!

Federal now has a webpage live for the cartridge:

2022 Federal Catalog
2022 Federal Catalog
2022 Speer Catalog
2022 CCI/Blazer Catalog


  1. John M. says:

    .30 Super Carry sounds better than 8 mm Super Carry, at least to me.

    Maybe Glock doesn’t have any room in their warehouse for more oddball caliber guns after the .45 GAP fiasco.

    I couldn’t blame them. After all, with everything made in 9 mm flying off the shelf in 60 seconds or less for two years, I remain befuddled by this.

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    1. Wild, wild west says:

      My first thoughts, exactly.


  2. Rocketguy says:

    I’m trying and failing to imagine dropping big bucks on a Nighthawk then choosing a new, likely inferior caliber with lots of “flash in the pan” potential.


  3. Matthew Whitticar says:

    I wonder how much Federal paid Nighthawk.

    I also would prefer primer availability over .327 Mag for autos.


    1. Rocketguy says:

      Indeed. My small pistol and match large rifle piles are smaller than I’m comfortable with.


  4. Tom Stone says:

    Another brilliant solution to a non existent problem!


  5. Paulden Prince says:

    “ No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”
    H.L. Mencken
    Lately I’ve wearing out my favorite Mencken quote. Back when I was deep into the collector car world there was certain slice of American classic cars that were deemed “rare” and/or “extremely scarce” because so few were made ergo they were “collectible” in contemporary times. In reality very of these cars were made because they were simply so ugly or idiotic that nobody wanted them, like 67’ Camaro’s in “Royal Plum” or 83’ Firebirds with a four cylinder engine. So, IMO this cartridge is the pistol version of the four cylinder Firebird.

    The gun magazines, writers, and “I gotta have the latest gun!” guys will love it cuz’ there ain’t anything made by gun companies they don’t like. When the Bushmaster pistol came out Guns & Ammo gave it glowing reviews, the Colt “All American 2000” was hailed by G&A and Shooting Times as the gun of the century and a game changer, and dontcha just see an 8MM Remington Magnum hangin’ on everybody’s wall.

    Now I’m NOT sayin’ that there isn’t a place for a .30 caliber pistol, but that cartridge was invented decades ago and is called the 7.62X25 Tokarev which would make a helluva good round in a modern Glockish or Coltesque platform.

    But now I’m going to give Nighthawk and S&W a bit of sage advice if’n they really want want to sell bushel baskets of these pistols. You see I know the kinda guy who’ll want one of these and what the aforementioned companies need to do is put a QD Picatinny rail adapter on these handguns so they can be hung on tactiCOOL rifles as yet another nifty accessory. In this way they can be readily dismounted from the long gun in the event they find themselves facing off against a rabid gerbil in closed confines of their gourmet spice cubby.


  6. Rocketguy says:

    Just received a press release from Federal:

    The biggest self-defense advancement in 100 years has arrived. It’s Federal’s 30 Super Carry, an all-new cartridge that redefines protection.


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