Congratulations to the new IPSC World Champion – Christian Sailer of Team USA. Sailer has been on a tear for several years. In 2019, as a Junior shooter, Sailer swept every single USPSA Area Championship and then became the youngest shooter ever to win the USPSA Open Nationals. He repeated as the Open Division National champion for the next two years. 2022 USPSA Racegun Nationals proved to be a disappointment, as he placed third behind Aaron Eddins (USAMU) and J.J. Racaza (Team Beretta). However, Sailer quickly regained his mojo and earned Gold at the following 2022 Pan-American Handgun Championship.

Second overall was Edcel John Gino of the Philippines. Gino is the director of JR Holster International Corporation and owner of Trigger Point: Guns and Ammo.

Third overall was Chris Tilley of the USA.

The defending 2017 World Champion Jorge Ballesteros of Spain placed a disappointing 16th overall.

Standard Division

Standard Division is the international equivalent of USPSA’s Limited Division, and is dominated by iron-sighted, non-compensated, .40 S&W high capacity pistols. Juniors from the Philippines dominated the division this year.

Division winner Adrian Khalil Viray placed 10th overall. The top Philippine Junior, Viray shoots for Team CZ using the newly introduced Tactical Sport 2 Orange chambered in .40 S&W.

Second place in the division went to Nathaniel Rolly “Bro” Tecson, another Philippines Junior shooter. Tecson finished 18th overall.

Team Canik’s Nils Jonasson of the USA took third place in the division, placing 31st overall. I’m not aware of what Canik model he used, but I do know that it scored Major Power Factor. Oddly, Jonasson had previously won the 2022 USPSA Limited Division title while using Minor Power Factor loads.

Production Optics Division

The IPSC Production Optics division is the equivalent of USPSA’s Carry Optics Division. As the name implies, MRD optics must be fitted to the rear of the slide of a traditional double-action or striker-fired pistol. Like the other Production divisions, the division is scored as Minor Power Factor.

The division title was taken by Simon “J.J.” Racaza of Team Beretta using a Beretta 92X Performance Carry Optics model. Racaza was the highest scoring Minor Power Factor shooter in the match at 21st overall.

Hassana Pollc Wijitpatima of Thailand was second in the division (32nd overall), and Martin Kamenicek of the Czech Republic placed third in the division (37th overall).

Production Division

The IPSC Production division is the equivalent of USPSA’s Production Division. A traditional double-action or striker-fired pistol with iron-sights is mandated. Like the other Production divisions, the division is scored as Minor Power Factor.

The 2017 Production World Champion Ben Stoeger could not return to defend his title having been banned from competition earlier in the year by USPSA.

This left the stage wide open for multi-time champion Eric Grauffel of France to dominate the division. Shooting for Team CZ Grauffel used a CZ Shadow 2 to place 34th overall.

Second and third places in the division were taken by German Romitelli of Argentina (56th overall) and Aeron Jhon Lanuza, another Junior shooter from the Philippines (66th overall).

Production Optics Light Division

Production Optics Light Division was created as a sop to polymer-frame pistol shooters, given the rapid weight increases seen in factory metal-frame pistols used in Production Optics.

The division title was won by Xuefeng “Luke” Cao of the USA. Cao shoots for Team Walther using a Walther PDP Compact 5″ pistol. Cao finished 55th Overall.

Second place went to Phiranat “Chun” Tanpairoh of Thailand using a Glock. Tanpairoh placed 62nd overall.

Third place went to Max Michel Jr. of the USA. A member of Team SIG-Sauer, Michel used his signature SIG-Sauer P320 Max. Michel placed 78th overall.

Classic Division

IPSC Classic Division is the equivalent to USPSA Single-Stack Division, the commemorative division of the conventional M1911 Government Model. Oddly, there were no US shooters in the division this year. Moreover, nearly all of the shooters were using Minor Power Factor loads. (Col. Jeff Cooper is reportedly spinning in his grave.)

Top spot in the division went to Emil Jeufro Lejano of the Philippines. (121st overall)

In second place was Bartosz Szczesny of Poland. (131st overall)

Alfredo Catalan Jr. of the Philippines took third place. (145th overall)

Revolver Division

The IPSC and USPSA Revolver Divisions are also very similar. Note that like in Classic Division, nearly all of the competitors choose to shoot Minor Power Factor ammunition.

Division champion was Senior shooter Gerald Reiter of Austria. (574th overall)

Coming in at second was Sonny Prabowo of Indonesia. (626th overall)

And finally at third, we have Kabin Susiwa of Thailand. (629th overall)


  1. RWS says:

    Nils shot a 2011 type pistol.


    1. D.E. Watters says:

      Thank you. I couldn’t imagine a current Canik model that would qualify for Major Power Factor scoring.


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