Unertl, Lyman, Fecker, Redfield Estate Collection

A guy on the facebook vintage scope group shared these photos from an estate. The old fella had one hell of a collection.

Unity Tactical – SKEET-IR Thermal Flip-To-Side Mount

UNITY Tactical is proud to announce the release of our SKEET-IR Thermal Flip-To-Side Mount.  It is designed with input from end users and OEM partners to meet requirements and address requested improvements. Featuring industry-leading zero retention, the SKEET-IR Thermal FTS Mount features lighter weight and lower profile than legacy systems. The SKEET-IR is one ofContinue reading “Unity Tactical – SKEET-IR Thermal Flip-To-Side Mount”

Maxim Defense New MD:11

Maxim Defense Industries is proud to announce the launch of their new direct impingement large frame MD:11 series, a rifle based on the SR-25 cut pattern. “The MD:11 is an updated variant of the original Stoner AR-10 design. The Direct impingement system still functions like most. There has been no serious change to the inside of theContinue reading “Maxim Defense New MD:11”


My review from Last Movie Outpost The 80s was a great time for action movies. There were so many of them that some really good ones get lost in the mix. Forgotten gems of the 1980s. Excellent films, full of great character actors and stories that never get talked about anymore. Shoot to Kill akaContinue reading “SHOOT TO KILL”