Kentucky Squirrel Season 10-30-2021

October goes out with a bang

US-Trained Afghan Spies & Special Forces Are Joining ISIS For ‘Protection’ Against Taliban

From Zerohedge Many former national Afghan forces who are now being hunted by the Taliban after their US military backers withdrew from the country in August are turning to the Islamic State for protection, a new investigative Wall Street Journal report finds.  Also among those joining the ranks of ISIS in Afghanistan, or ISIS-K, areContinue reading “US-Trained Afghan Spies & Special Forces Are Joining ISIS For ‘Protection’ Against Taliban”

Swiss Milsurp Rifles

There are a lot of old military surplus rifles out there.  Most of them are junk.  The ones that are not junk are usually so expensive that its not really worth bothering with.  Even if you do get one of the more expensive ones, they are not really that accurate.  During their time they couldContinue reading “Swiss Milsurp Rifles”