Top. Woman. Fakes Covid

She should have been arrested just for being dumb enough to think no one would find out. Coworkers of a Florida sheriff’s detective donated hundreds of their sick-leave hours to her, believing she was severely ill with COVID-19, but she was faking the entire thing, authorities said. Trent Kellee Freeman, 38, even went so farContinue reading “Top. Woman. Fakes Covid”

Colt LE901 Sniper Variant

Brent recently got a special variant of the 901 configured as a sniper rifle for some Kalifornia PD. You can see about it in his video below and then sub to his youtube channel.

Remington Model 1911

It’s time for Karl at KGBcustoms to flex on us all again. This time with one of the Remington M1911 reproductions from a few years ago.