Unertl Refurbishing

Elwood P Suggins shows people in the Unertl collectors group how to replace your crosshairs. He later said he uses dental floss. Not my choice, I prefer the tungsten wire. Just finished sprucing up a Unertl 4X Small Game Scope for a friend. Installed a new 0.0006″ reticle, greased the turrets and repainted the graduationsContinue reading “Unertl Refurbishing”

Selector Block

The following discussion involves a part that isn’t Colt. However, it is a unique and not commonly known piece of M16/M4 history. When I began my Army career in 1988, I was a traditional weekend soldier in the National Guard. The hot topic at the time was DSCA…Defense Support to Civilian Authorities. DSCA was aContinue reading “Selector Block”

1950 Model 70 Supergrade In .22 Hornet.

The fellas over at pre64win.com shared pictures of this beautiful Model 70 in the .22 Hornet. I’ve always wanted to like the Hornet but never could get them to shoot as accurately as I think they should. One of these days I will give’em another go.

De Simone Rifle Scope

De Simone scope with variable power. These were produced in California the ’60 or ’70s, and were of the highest quality. On the left side there is a movable slide that could change the power. It had quite a range too. I’ve only seen 1 on ebay, and it went for a couple of grand.Continue reading “De Simone Rifle Scope”