I mentioned the Colt ACE 2 the other day and have been thinking about it on and off ever since. The ACE was an updated conversion slide , barrel and magazine for using a .22 long rifle. It was made to work with the series 80 guns. The original was the ACE and was originallyContinue reading “Colt ACE & ACE II”

History: Bill Brophy

A follow up post on a man I have talked about in the past a bit. The most significant man at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in 1941, was General Julian Hatcher. Hatcher was one of the most prominent members of the nation’s shooting fraternity. He was also the Commanding General of the Ordnance Training Center. PerhapsContinue reading “History: Bill Brophy”

Some Model 70 Stuff

It’s been a bit of a slow week for gun news and whatnot so I felt like talking about the Model 70 again for a bit. Some pictures shared by the scout sniper association and others came up on facebook this week. I thought they are worth sharing. The SSA is raffling off this preContinue reading “Some Model 70 Stuff”