The Remington Model 37

In October 1932, Remington officials decided to produce a target grade, bolt action .22 caliber target rifle to compete with the Winchester model 52.

Bonnie & Clyde Guns

I saw a news story yesterday talking about some Bonnie and Clyde items being auctioned off, In this auction is a shotgun used by the duo. The pump-action shotgun was recovered by police following a gun fight with the outlaws in 1933 in which two officers were killed and is now tipped to sell forContinue reading “Bonnie & Clyde Guns”


I mentioned the Colt ACE 2 the other day and have been thinking about it on and off ever since. The ACE was an updated conversion slide , barrel and magazine for using a .22 long rifle. It was made to work with the series 80 guns. The original was the ACE and was originallyContinue reading “Colt ACE & ACE II”

Unertl Barrel Vibration Dampener

One of the members in the Unertl group ran across this piece that baffled most of us for a while. Turns out Unertl made a barrel dampener. You can see in the drawing below how it worked at the time.