First Year Model 70 carbine

Something pretty special from the fellas over at pre64win. Model 70 carbines are hard enough to find, but first year production and chambered in .270 makes this 1936 beauty particularly sweet.

History: Rigby

As we know, the Irish rifle team that traveled to America in 1874, and later, used rifles made by John Rigby of Dublin (for more information on those matches see The Story of Creedmoor and in the Historic Shooting Books article, select Irish Riflemen in America by Leech).  Subsequent to that time, Mr. Rigby moved toContinue reading “History: Rigby”

History: Bill Brophy

A follow up post on a man I have talked about in the past at length myself. The most significant man at Aberdeen Proving Ground, in 1941, was General Julian Hatcher. Hatcher was one of the most prominent members of the nation’s shooting fraternity. He was also the Commanding General of the Ordnance Training Center.Continue reading “History: Bill Brophy”