COBRA (1986)

Way back in 1986 Canon Films released one of their true timeless masterpieces of action cinema, Cobra. A young 11-year-old Shawn sat in the theatre and basked in the violent glory of Lieutenant Marion “Cobra” Cobretti blowing away mooks like it was cool (it is) in sleazy 1980s California. Cobra is about as simple asContinue reading “COBRA (1986)”

Cocaine Bear

Sigh… so much potential.  That is all I could think of when the movie wrapped up. A high concept, an R-rating, all you need to make a classic nature-run-amok exploitation B-movie. Instead, we had an hour and a half wasted. No one likes this kind of movie more than me. No one wanted to likeContinue reading “Cocaine Bear”

Upgrade 2018

Back in 2018, an awesome film from Blumhouse just slipped out. Upgrade is a cyberpunk revenge thriller that is very violent and ultra-dark. The story is set in the near future, where humanity is getting into Ghost In The Shell territory with cybernetic upgrades, a Panopticon society, and enough to technology to make Ted KContinue reading “Upgrade 2018”

Ambush 2023

You all know I love a good war movie. I really love Vietnam war movies. I will give almost any of them a try. Always have. Going forward, from today I am changing this policy because I made the mistake of watching Ambush. Ambush is the newest ‘Nam flick that has just been released. IContinue reading “Ambush 2023”


David Ayer has made some pretty sweet flicks in my opinion. His crowning achievement being Fury. He has a real niche talent for gritty real-world crime films with shady cops. The best of these is our subject today. The 2008 effort Street Kings, starring Keanu Reeves. Reeves plays Tom Ludlow, a shady slob and heroContinue reading “STREET KINGS”

Savage Streets 1984

Do you like R-rated revenge flicks full of violence, tits, full-frontal nudity, gang rape, and  Linnea Quigley? I sure do. Come along with me on a journey into a movie with all of those wonderful, magical ingredients – Savage Streets. Savage Streets is a 1984 action-revenge film that is pure exploitation. There is no highContinue reading “Savage Streets 1984”

Death Wish 2018

Remember 2018? Boy… a lot has happened since then, huh? One of the small films that came out that year was Eli Roth’s remake of Death Wish, starring Bruce Willis. A huge action star and an (in)famous horror film maker teaming up. Was it any good? Well, let’s talk about that. The idea of aContinue reading “Death Wish 2018”


From my friend Phil It was Saturday evening and there was nothing on regular TV to watch, so I had the choice of Glass Onion or The Pale Blue Eye. I wanted a well-crafted murder mystery, with an interesting story, well-directed, and made by a competent movie director, so of course, I put up TheContinue reading “THE PALE BLUE EYE Review”