Dinner in America

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I hate it because all the people I hate most in the world are on there. I love it because I get to viciously cyberbully those people. I also love it because I often get exposed to an upcoming film I wouldn’t have ever heard about otherwise.Continue reading “Dinner in America”

To Live And Die in LA

To Live And Die In L.A. is another masterpiece of neo-noir (neon-noir?) from the 1980s that has fallen out of the zeitgeist for some unknown reason. You would normally not expect this, as it was directed by William Friedkin. He even manages to top the famous car chase scene from The French Connection in thisContinue reading “To Live And Die in LA”

Most Controversial Movies

Ever wonder how stupid I sound in person? Now you can find out. You can also listen to me and another one of the boys at Last Movie Outpost talk about one of the disgusting movies you will probably never heard of in part 1 of a series.

Savage Streets 1984

Do you like R-rated revenge flicks full of violence, tits, full-frontal nudity, gang rape, and  Linnea Quigley? I sure do. Come along with me on a journey into a movie with all of those wonderful, magical ingredients – Savage Streets. Savage Streets is a 1984 action-revenge film that is pure exploitation. There is no highContinue reading “Savage Streets 1984”

The Punisher 1989

There have been three big-screen adaptions, a backdoor pilot (Daredevil Season 2), and two full Netflix seasons dedicated to, in my opinion, the greatest comic book vigilante ever created. Unfortunately all but one of these live-action attempts are complete failures. The one that pulled it off the closest is the one most normal fans crapContinue reading “The Punisher 1989”

FACE/OFF Is 25 Years Old

Today’s movie post isn’t by me but from one of the other fellows over at Last Movie Outpost As we look forward to The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent heralding the return of Nicholas Cage to prime time, big-ticket movies from his tax debt-clearing stint in direct-to-streaming movies, we remember another time. It was aContinue reading “FACE/OFF Is 25 Years Old”

Massacre Mafia Style 1974

It’s not very often that you get the privilege of seeing a film that is 100 percent the creator’s vision, without interference from producers or studios. The ones that do slip out are few and far between. These are usually small and independent films. They are passion projects that often take years to complete, justContinue reading “Massacre Mafia Style 1974”

Alien Nation 1988

Way back in the Year of Our Lord 1988, an awesome little gem of a science fiction movie that also managed to be an action movie and a police thriller was released. That little movie is Alien Nation. The film is a tight, fast-paced detective thriller but it has the cool twist of being setContinue reading “Alien Nation 1988”