Way back in the year 2000 a little movie came out called Way Of The Gun that didn’t do that great at the box office. That was a shame. It’s since become something of a cult film and it’s pretty damn good. Way of The Gun is a neo-western mixed with an action/crime thriller. Jesus,Continue reading “WAY OF THE GUN”

Violent Night

A review of the new action Christmas film from my friend Phil at the LMO, I didn’t write this one but concur with it. Violent Night is a great Christmas movie and is now on my ‘must-watch’ list for each and every Christmas from here on. To make a great Christmas movie, here are theContinue reading “Violent Night”

Silent Night 2012

Silent Night is a 2012 remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night. Unlike most remakes, it’s pretty damned good. This is a remake done right. The concept of a killer maniac dressed as Santa running loose in a town is kept in place, as is a past trauma as his motive. For extra cool points, theContinue reading “Silent Night 2012”

Magnum P.I. At 42 Years

From our pal , Stu from Thevintage1911 “Oh my GOD!!!”. 42 years seems to have passed in the blink of an eye.. 11 December marks the anniversary of the day “Magnum PI” premiered on CBS, and the rest, as they sat, is history.. So pop your Betamax tape of the Army/ Navy game into theContinue reading “Magnum P.I. At 42 Years”


Its that time of year again. The season of love and kindness and family and fellowship. The most wholesome time of the year. That’s why we’re going to talk about the 1984 stone-cold slasher classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. This movie was so controversial at the time that  the Karen Moms of America “Reeeeeee’ed” soContinue reading “SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT”

The Farmer 1977

The Farmer is a film that was, for a long time, considered a “lost movie”. Having had a small theatrical release and a couple of airings on cable, it then seemed to disappear. Now is a good time to rediscover it. The Farmer is a pure B movie, grindhouse-style action movie from the late 70sContinue reading “The Farmer 1977”

Piranha 3D

By Stark Piranha 3D is just magnificent. It really is. It’s magnificent because it knows exactly what it is and never sets out to be anything different. It just opens up and invites you to share the joke with it, while giggling maniacally right next to you on the couch and offering you up endlessContinue reading “Piranha 3D”