Mann On HEAT 2 & Modern Action

After a quiet period, Michael Mann is back with a bang. His sequel novel Heat 2, written with Edgar Award-winning author Meg Gardiner, has just topped the best-seller list shortly after release. He’s also out in Italy just starting production on his Ferrari biopic. The structure of the Heat 2 novel, with switching time periodsContinue reading “Mann On HEAT 2 & Modern Action”

Death Wish 3

Death Wish 3 may not be the best Death Wish movie, but it is my favorite one. The original film was a 1970s moody contemplation about what happens to a modern liberal when the system fails him completely in the face of urban crime and rot. Paul Kersey goes from being an upper class NYCContinue reading “Death Wish 3”

The Last Boyscout

Way back in the year of our Lord, 1991 Tony Scott directed a little film written by Shane Black. The script for that film set an industry record for the price the studio paid for it. $1.75 million for the script, with over a $1 million guaranteed up front. That film is the excellent TheContinue reading “The Last Boyscout”

The Last Detail 1973

On the last Livestream, Drunken Yoda said something I have been hearing a lot lately. He mentioned he had been watching more and more older films. Lots of people I know are completely sick and tired of the lack of quality in modern film. A lot of movie fans are looking to the past forContinue reading “The Last Detail 1973”

Hell or High Water

Last time, I talked about the Taylor Sheridan film Wind River and I mentioned Hell Or High Water in that review. Sheridan wrote Hell Or High Water and it was released in 2016. It is a neo-western and action film, starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster. They play Texas brothers who rob banks. Jeff BridgesContinue reading “Hell or High Water”


I didn’t write this review. Its from Phil from LMO. He wanted to do the review of this one. I do concur with his rating. The gun play is awesome in the same way that it is in Commando from the 1980s. The over the top action shoot’em up. If you want, you can watchContinue reading “THE GRAY MAN”

Tightrope 1984

Clint Eastwood has made a lot of movies. A helluva lot of movies. Everyone knows about the big ones, but there was a time when he made some that have slipped through the cracks and you never hear about them anymore. Tightrope from 1984 is one of those. It’s a cop neo-noir crime thriller. It isContinue reading “Tightrope 1984”