I’m sure you have all heard about the new miniseries from Netflix about everyone’s favorite gay cannibal serial killing necrophiliac. That’s right, you knew I’d be the one to talk about Dahmer. The series stars Evan Peters, in what is honestly his best performance. This guy was born to pretend to be a cannibal sexContinue reading “Netflix’s MONSTER: THE JEFFREY DAHMER STORY”


By Stark If you are a man of a certain age, Netflix’s action extravaganza Extraction was just brilliant. It felt straight out of the 80s action movie heyday. From a better, simpler time when you would have returned from the rental store with the VHS of this one fine Saturday, and watched the shit out ifContinue reading “EXTRACTION 2 First Look”

The Wraith 1986

For my money, 1986 gave us Charlie Sheen’s best movie. That was the year we were blessed with the best ghost/action/adventure/revenge/car movie ever made – The Wraith. The story starts with one of the coolest cars ever put on film materializing out of the night. What is this about? We find out. In a smallContinue reading “The Wraith 1986”

JOHN WICK 4 Trailer

John Wick had a puppy. A naughty man killed the puppy. A lot of people died. That’s pretty much the story of John Wick, which looks like it won’t be stopping any time soon. The trailer isn’t giving much away, it’s pretty much the same as the other three, ‘John goes around killing everyone’, but,Continue reading “JOHN WICK 4 Trailer”

The Bounty 1984

Man, who else is tired of endless Hollywood remakes of older properties? I know I am. They can’t do anything original anymore. It’s really getting old real fast for everyone. So I thought today we could just talk about another 1980s classic instead. The Bounty from 1984. The story is framed in flashbacks told fromContinue reading “The Bounty 1984”

Hardcore 1979

Ever watched Taxi Driver and wondered about what kind of father or family Iris had? Wonder how she ended up as a whore… ahem.. sorry, “sex worker” in New York City? The writer of Taxi Driver, Paul Schrader, must have because in 1979 he wrote and directed Hardcore starring George C Scott.  The film could veryContinue reading “Hardcore 1979”

Network 1976

Its that time again. When I try to ease the soul-crushing lack of quality film content you are hammered with in our current year with a stone cold classic film you may not have heard of or seen. Today it’s not my usual subject of violence and exploitation. This is something normies, and the moreContinue reading “Network 1976”